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"Proving that Industries can clean and degrease safety while
maintaining global cleanliness .."
Classic Chemical Corp is a manufacturer and distributor of one of the best orange, citrus, and industrial degreasers on the market.  We offer Wicked Orange, which is one of the highest concentrations of d-limonene citrus solvent based cleaners on the market today.
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Classic Chemical Corp

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in the distribution and manufacturing of industrial cleaners and degreasers across multiple industries.  Our mission is to provide high-performance products and top-notch services to our customers that add value to their businesses.

With our experienced team of experts, knowledgeable sales team and eco-friendly approach to new product development, we have created cleaner products for a safer future.  Our extensive product line includes d-limonene, citrus based, environmentally safe, and free rinsing type degreasers.

“PURE CLEAN® is a versatile pro-level formula that eliminates most cleaning and degreasing problems.”


Typical Applications

Adhesive and Label Remover

WICKED ORANGE used in the bottling industry, contains the highest concentration of d-limonene in a citrus based adhesive / glue remover. Read More…

Low Foam Industrial Degreaser

PURE CLEAN® biodegradable formula leaves no residue after final rinsing is applied. It will provide corrosion protection for parts stored indoors. Read More…

Truck Wash

TOUCHLESS MAGIC PLUS is a premium biodegradable concentrated, alkaline truck wash designed to effectively clean and remove all types of dirt, Read More…

Asphalt and Tar Remover

WICKED ORANGE is an excellent solvent for asphalt extraction testing and asphalt cleanup, and is approved by or meets the product specifications of many states including Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Read More…

Oxygen Cleaning

PURE CLEAN® was rated at 99.5% cleaning efficiency through an independent laboratory. For the Oxygen and compressed gas users, we also performed ASTM G121 & G122. Read More…

Custom Blended Degreasers and Cleaners

We have an extensive product line that our research department has developed over 30 years. We develop, manufacture and market cleaning and degreasing products. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with your particular application, and offer individually customized products formulated to your requirements. Read More…


Several Of Our Products

Wicked Orange

Our propriety unique formulas & method of manufacturing allow us to produce one of the best citrus orange D-limonone based cleaner / degreasers.  WICKED ORANGE is biodegradable and contain NO caustics, acids, chlorinated hydrocarbons or chlorinated aromatic solvents. More Info…


Pure Clean

PURE CLEAN® is a versatile pro-level formula that eliminates most cleaning and degreasing problems. Our liquid concentrate finds extensive use in a wide variety of degreasing and industrial cleaning applications. Ideal for dealing with many metal manufacturing industries including heavy equipment, tools, heat treating, automotive, aerospace parts and engines, PURE CLEAN® can meet your toughest assignments. More Info…

Touchless Magic Plus

Touchless Magic Plus is are top selling high pH free rinsing detergent with powerful surfactants to get the best cleaning action. It is safe on all surfaces, metal safe, painted or otherwise.  Will remove road film, grease, dirt, bugs, etc. Competitively price. More Info…


Other Products

We have over 100 products in our database that covers a variety of industrial cleaning & degreasing applications.  Call us today and we can review your unique needs. More Info…

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