Wicked Orange MD


Wicked Orange Benefits

Versatile cleaner/degreaser

  • More D-limonene content than our competitors at a lower price
  • Safe, effective and biodegradable
  • Great substitute for hazardous
    solvents like chlorinated and fluorocarbon
  • Cleans better than petroleum solvents and is safer to use
  • Made from a renewable resource.
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Wicked Orange MD Usage

WICKED ORANGE is used at full strength in a variety of applications including Industrial machinery cleaning, commercial food and beverage industries, and the cleaning of industrial adhesive equipment like hoses and spray-guns. Our citrus-based adhesive removers will quickly dissolve the sticky resins, remnants of glues, adhesives, labels, stickers, decals and inks.

It’s also used in the asphalt industries to clean tar off of trucks and equipment as well as an asphalt extraction solvent.

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55 Gallon Drum, 5 Gallon Pail