Pure Clean® Degreaser

PURE CLEAN® is a versatile pro-level formula that eliminates most cleaning and degreasing problems. Our liquid concentrate finds extensive use in a wide variety of degreasing and industrial cleaning applications. Ideal for dealing with many metal manufacturing industries including heavy equipment, tools, heat treating, automotive, aerospace parts and engines, PURE CLEAN® can meet your toughest assignments.

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Pure Clean® Features

  • Pure Clean® is a heavy-duty concentrate that would be diluted from 4% to 7% depending on your soil loads
  • Doesn’t affect brazing, soldering, plating or painting of your parts
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe, non-hazardous 
  • Non-fuming, non-corrosive and non-flammable
  •  NSF C1 Registered, 128380  Meets USDA 1998 C1 Guidelines READ THE DOCUMENT HERE…
  • Third party testing by SMI revealed this product has a cleaning efficiency of 99.5% READ THE DOCUMENT HERE…


Pure Clean® Benefits

  • We have been successful in eliminating solvents, corrosive caustics, and even ozone depleting solvents such as TCE (Tricholoethane) and PCE (Perchloroethane) 
  • Pure Clean® formula leaves no residue after final rinsing is applied
  • Pure Clean® degreaser will provide corrosion protection for parts stored in-doors and in a low humidity environment


Pure Clean® Usage

Can be used in spray washer cabinets, pressure sprayers, rotary cleaning tanks, ultrasonic and heated dip tanks. 

For best results with PURE CLEAN – you must maintain adequate HEAT & AGITATION as this improves cleaning times and the effectiveness. 

Pure Clean® has been recently approved by Air Products and Chemicals for compressed gas and oxygen cleaning.

SMI performed ASTM G121 & 122 which resulted in a cleaning effectiveness factor of 1 ( which means 100% ) of the contaminant was removed. READ THE DOCUMENT HERE…

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