Other Products

With over 100 products in our database we can find the right formulation for your needs.  Here are examples of additional chemistries … 

DYNAMITE – low cost alkaline cleaner for trucks and equipment. 

RCHD – Excellent cleaner that combines the effectiveness of citrus and the cleaning of alkaline based degreasers. 

PERFECT BLUE – no silicate formula for free rinsing no residue. cleaning of trucks and equipment.

POWER CLEAN 116 – high pH Alkaline cleaner good for cleaning of water base inks and soils.

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We can manufacture products so that you can brand them under your name!

Classic Chemical manufactures the broadest array of industrial cleaners and degreasers. We have the capability to help you develop your own brand.



Custom design and manufacture a product to meet your specific / unique cleaning requirements.

  • Custom Chemical Toll Blending
  • Your formula or ours
  • Specialty Products
  • Warehousing
  • Tech data and SDS generation
  • Drop Shipments
  • Alkaline cleaners & detergent blends
  • Green chemicals and design for environment

We are noted for quick turnaround and high quality products.



We ship our products world wide. We can ship direct or blind ship.

For product specifications and sales info call 812-934-3289